Self-Care During the School Year

  • Set goals for yourself at the beginning of the year

  • Communicate! If there's a teacher you feel safe enough to talk to, tell them if there's something you couldn't get done because of what's going on 

  • Don't overwork yourself. Take mini breaks when doing work 

  • Always have water and snacks by your side

  • Try to stay away from any energy drinks to help you stay awake. They aren't healthy. Here are some alternatives: 

  • Wash your face thoroughly with cold water and soap

  • Drink iced water 

  • Make sure you're in a place that is lit brightly and isn't dark. Darkness will make you extra sleepy 

  • Take a few minutes to do a little stretching. Getting some extra blood flow will help 

  • Eat something sour or spicy 

  • If it's absolutely dire and none of the above work, have a small cup of coffee. But try not to rely on it

  • Remember to listen to your body. Don't over exhaust yourself and don't stress yourself out to the point you feel like breaking down. Step away for a bit, listen to some music or maybe take a walk, and then come back with a fresh mind

  • Anxiety? Take three deep breaths, close your eyes and say "I can do this." Repeated a few times. Take another three deep breaths, and then start again. Also, get a stress ball!

  • Always remember to ask for help when you're confused 

  • If you have enough time/space in your schedule, join a club that fits you! People there will more than likely have the same interests as you 

  • Always remember: your physical and mental health comes first. Period. 

How To Deal
With Bullying


This cannot be emphasized enough. I know. It's scary. But you must tell somebody, and the best option is a trusted adult.  If you're at school, then find a teacher you trust.  There's also someone in the school office who will listen and are in charge of student welfare (and consequences).


Bystanders can be just as bad as the bully because you aren't doing anything to help. Don't intervene, but instead, also tell a trusted adult.  Or immediately call an adult if someone is being hurt. 


Support the victim and offer your help! Maybe give a few encouraging words and ask if they're okay. Be a friend and be kind. Of course, if they need space, give it to them.  Just be sure to check in with them.


If you begin to think negative thoughts, try to get your mind off of it. Read inspiring quotes, write, draw, blast music, visit this site, take a walk, take a shower, chat with close friends, anything!


It doesn't matter if it's cyber-bullying or physical: stay away from social media. Social media is often a platform for bullies to target their victims.

They can also be one of the most negative places and they create very one-sided outlooks into the life of a person. Remember. What they post isn't their life. It's part of it. 


If an adult, for whatever reason, is not doing anything to truly help you, don't stop until you find one who does. There WILL be someone out there who will be willing to help you. Don't give up trying to find help. 


Remember that you are human. You're beautiful and you're worth it and if you push through whatever people are throwing at you now, you'll be able to do it over and over again in the future. And that makes you stronger than the bully. 


Have you been bullied or have you bullied someone and have some advice to add?  Email us!

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Feel Like
Self Harming?
To avoid the addiction of self-harming: Don't. Start. I'll repeat that. DON'T. START. Because once you start, it's very hard to go back.
Do you feel the need to cut but haven't done it yet? Advert your mind to other things. It's hard, but try everything listed below. You can do it. You're stronger than the pain. 
Here are a some of my suggestions:

*This website is meant to provide support, assistance and resources to find help and bring light where there is darkness.  If you are having suicidal ideations or are self harming, please seek help from a trusted adult, support group, doctor or professional in your area.

If you or someone you know needs immediate help 24/7, call the National Suicide Hotline 1-800-273-8255

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