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About Us

To provide a safe place for those struggling with mental illness, aid those on the road to recovery,  share personal stories, seek advice, pay tribute to loved ones, create bonds and feel loved. No one deserves to be forgotten; you will be found.

Our Mission

Connor Project

Why the "Connor Project"

About us

I LOVE the musical, Evan Hanson.  And as a work-in-progress, survivor of major depression and self harm, I thought, why not have a actual real life Connor Murphy Project?  A site dedicated not just to remembering people who we lost but a place where others can go for support, to be heard, to connect, to belong.​

Maya Molldrem

Dreamer, Co-founder, Site Owner

and Content Creator

Currently pursuing a BA in Applied Psychology, so please excuse the delay in replies and the lack of new content while I finish my studies!

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